Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sudden Financial Concern Aboard the 9:45 Express to Kyobashi

A moment of panic gripped him, and he checked his wallet. The 10, 000 yen note was still there, fresh from the 711's ATM. The panic subsided, and he returned to the tangential speculation of his daydream. Suppose he had left the money behind-what would happen?
There would have to be a procedure-in this country bureauocracy and procedure were massive, almost omnipotent forces.
He envisioned vast tomes of regulation:
section a) subsection g) paragraph 4 clause 8: if a patron should misplace legal tender, said tender shall thereby be allocated to residents of impoverished nations across the globe.
Hah. More likely the shop assistant would simply pocket it-human greed smashing through his thin veneer of constant politeness and professionalism.